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Custom designed websites,
Custom designed websites. 
          Picture credits: https://www.dreamstime.com/cobweb-dew-drops-public-domain-image-free-84936127#res19728558
Responsive and adaptive,
Responsive and adaptive. Picture credits: https://www.dreamstime.com/responsive-design-public-domain-image-free-96494944#res19728558
Basic web accessibility,
Basic web accessibility. Picture credits: https://www.dreamstime.com/is647-021-public-domain-image-free-84923633#res19728558
Maintenance friendly deals,
Maintenance friendly deals. Picture credits: https://www.dreamstime.com/two-person-doing-handshake-table-inside-room-image126193296#res19728558
Built for tight budgets,
Built for tight budgets. Picture credits: https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-product-design-product-image97351552#res19728558

Three fundamentals of your website

Your Domain Name:

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A domain name is like an international address, on the World Wide Web. You really want it to be short and descriptive of who you are, or what you do. More importantly, you want a name you can be proud to share with everyone. Choose a domain ending, appropriate to who your visitors are, like .co.za for customers in South Africa.

Hosting Your Website:

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Hosting is the unseen space you rent for the content of your site, and for your emails. How much space you need depends on you. We only use 500 megabytes of hosting space for our entire site and one email address, saving money on hosting by regularly saving our emails offline. This is however up to you to decide for yourself how much space would be best for you.

Maintaining Your Website:

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Maintenance is nothing to fear! Websites are not cars, and do not need oil changes. Change is however healthy, and with time you may feel the desire to make small changes to your site, perhaps a new picture here, or another page there. Then there is the ever changing world wide web. Like your phone, your website may need an upgrade as often as you feel is necessary.

Making an informed choice:

Picture of someone using a laptop with a plate of cookies on the left, and a cup of coffee on the right.

In your search for web developers you may have noticed that there is no shortage of developers advertising the same concept: “Responsive Design”, and “Search Engine Optimisation”, and these are very important. Before we explain why, there is something we do as a part of all our development that few developers know about. Web Accessibility.

Why Accessibility?

Building websites that go the extra mile to include everyone is really just normal business practice. You would not build a shopping center without wheelchair access, or put a sign on your business saying “no disabled people”? So why pay a professional web developer to build a website that excludes people with disabilities?

Logo representing three main disabilities. Loss of mobility: wheelchair, loss of sight: Man walking with a stick, and 
                loss of hearing: two hands Representing sign language.

Sharing is caring:

Picture of a man walking up a wide flight of stairs with no ramp for wheelchairs, while another man sits at the bottom of the stair in a wheelchair unable to go up! Source credit: https://www.dreamstime.com/is647-021-public-domain-image-free-84923633#res19728558

Designing your website to include everyone is really to your advantage. For example, what do you think of websites that do not work well on your cell phone? Frustrating! This is why everyone advertises “Responsive design”, because the majority of people using the web today are on mobile devices.

What if you have the coolest looking website, but you do not feature in a search? Pointless! Again this is why Search Engine Optimisation is a key advertising point for most web developers. A little secret about including Accessibility in the design: Search engines favor sites that comply with WCAG principals. Making use of premium services like webaim to certify your commitment, will help your S.E.O. just by being considerate.

Picture of an office park that has a level walkway to the main entrance, and does not require any special access. Picture credits https://www.dreamstime.com/office-building-stock-image-image-free-8955241#res19728558

Building A Website For Your Business:

Picture of a square steel frame for a four seater reclining couch.

By filling in the Order Now form, we can assess your needs, assemble a frame according to your needs to create a website just for you. You provide information and pictures you want on your website, which we use to clad our frame. Next you pay the once off developer fee, after that, you only need to pay your yearly domain and hosting fees. When you decide changes are desired or needed, just look at our reasonably priced maintenance list.

Picture of a finished four seater reclining couch spray painted gloss white, with dark brown covers on the mini mattresses, and white, Acapulco, and brown pillows.